Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Primeiro Post / First Post / Primero Post

Amigos, hoje se inicia nossa viagem ao Nordeste, este ano estamos levando o maior grupo que já trabalhamos, são 107 participantes, acompanhados por 4 coordenadores, uma médica e 2 chaperones. Embarcaremos alguns intercambistas em Cascavel/PR pela manhã e também Piracicaba/SP. Fiquem ligados neste blog para mais notícias.

Dear Friends, today we start our Northeast Trip, this year we are taking our biggest group ever, we are 107 participants accompanied by 4 coordinators, one doctor and two chaperones.
We will board some students in Cascavel/PR in the morning and some in Piracicaba/SP. Please follow this blog for more posts.

Estimados amigos, hoy empezamos nuestro viaje para el Nordeste de Brasil, este ano estamos levando nuestro mayor grupo, son 107 participantes acompañados por 4 coordinadores, un médico y dos chaperones.
Embarcaremos algunos estudiantes en Cascavel/PR pela manãna y algunos en Piracicaba/SP. Acompañen este blog para más noticias.


  1. we wish you all a fantastic trip.
    It will be a wonderful experience in a marvellous country.
    Hello to Christophe(Belgium), to the whole group, coordinators, doctor and chaperones.

    the "Leconte and c°"

  2. Sharon and Eric Mosker said...

    What a fantastic, wonderful, opportunity! ENJOY YOURSELVES as you tour the beautiful country of Brazil and experience all of its marvels and fantastic people.

    Special HELLO to Hillary from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and to all her travelling companions and tour hosts.

    Have Fun !

  3. Ola,

    Have a great trip. Wish I were there to chaperone and see all the beautiful beaches in brazil. Hello to Kelsey Newcomb. It's below zero here in Idaho.